Helping John Craig with His Move to Rwanda

John Craig is in the midst of preparing for his move to Rwanda at the end of this month. There are several ways that we, as his Christ Church family, can help:

  • Most of John’s stuff is being moved this Sunday, February 14th in the afternoon, so we are in need of strong bodies to help. Please email John at for specific details.
  • John needs help packing BEFORE Sunday. If folks can help, even for an hour or two, it would make a huge difference to John. Please email John at to coordinate.
  • John is having a yard sale on Saturday, Feb. 20th from 8am until 12noon of all the things that he won’t be putting into storage. He could really use some extra hands helping to organize the stuff beforehand and also on the day of the sale (by coming early to set up).
  • Please come to the Yard Sale on Feb. 20thand tell your friends and Life Group. It is a “take what you can use, pay what you can” sale so there will not be any prices.
  • Please continue to pray for John in these final weeks of preparation and transition.

To stay connected to John’s journey to Rwanda, please don’t forget to read his blog at