Rev Jesus Dominguez

What is your title/role at Christ Church?

Senior Simeon Fellow / Military Chaplaincy Liaison: As a fellow and priest, I am under the direct mentorship of our Rector and Assistance Rector, while attending Seminary.  As a Military Chaplaincy Liaison and Navy Chaplain, I am the link between those interested in Military Chaplaincy and the Special Jurisdiction of the Armed Forces and Chaplaincy of the ACNA.


My wife Alyssa and our teenage daughter Anna are both from Kazakhstan, but have lived in the USA for over 10 years. I was born in Venezuela and moved to the USA at the early age of 12.  At our home you may hear us speak in Russian, Spanish, English, and some times even some Japanese!  All three of us are full time students and absolutely love a day under the sun at the beach, pool, or lake.

What are your other interests/hobbies?

My primary hobby is learning about our faith and other cultures.  I also love helping the needy, particularly orphans.  My family and I love traveling even if just a day trip.

What is your education/work background?

I have a BS in International Business, Transportation & Logistics, and a minor in Finances.  I am currently working on a Master in Divinity with a Pastoral Care & Counseling concentration.  I joined the Marine Corps in July 1998 and left the Corps in July 2013 as a Captain in order to attend Seminary and become a Navy Chaplain.  I now hold a Commission in the Navy, awaiting graduation from Seminary when, God willing, I will be allowed to become a Navy Chaplain.  My projected date of graduation from Seminary is Fall of 2017.