Christmas Services

12/24, 5:30pm:
Family Christmas Eve Service with Nursery
12/24, 11:00pm:
Christmas Eve Service
12/25, 10:00am:
Christmas Day Service with Nursery
1/5/16, 6:30pm:
Twelfth Night Vigil of Epiphany with Nursery

The Biola Advent Project 2015

“We live in a complex and crazy world where the affluence and indulgence of developed nations stands in stark contrast to the millions throughout the globe who struggle for survival. It is impossible to ignore the dangerous plight of thousands of refugees as they seek asylum and new opportunities. This year’s Advent Project—influenced by current events—examines the uncanny parallels between Christ’s birth and the current refugee crisis.”  (Biola U’s “The Advent Project”)

This year’s series from Biola also reflects Christ Church’s theme for 2016: Refuge, Restoration, & Mission.

For Biola’s wonderful Advent Devotions rich in art and theological reflection rooted in God’s Word click here.


Fr Ben mistakenly said in the November 1st sermon that the Hebrew word for death and mouth had the same root. Actually that’s not correct. He was thinking about the fact that the Canaanite god of death (Mot) and the Hebrew word for death (maweth) are cognates. Ben says, “That’s what happens when you do exegesis on the fly.”  So if you’re wondering the Hebrew word for mouth is פֶּה (peh). But the point is the same. In Ancient Near Eastern mythology Mot had huge gaping jaws. In Isaiah 25 God says he will swallow up death. In other words, death (Mot) is a puny adversary for Israel’s God.