Fr Ben mistakenly said in the November 1st sermon that the Hebrew word for death and mouth had the same root. Actually that’s not correct. He was thinking about the fact that the Canaanite god of death (Mot) and the Hebrew word for death (maweth) are cognates. Ben says, “That’s what happens when you do exegesis on the fly.”  So if you’re wondering the Hebrew word for mouth is פֶּה (peh). But the point is the same. In Ancient Near Eastern mythology Mot had huge gaping jaws. In Isaiah 25 God says he will swallow up death. In other words, death (Mot) is a puny adversary for Israel’s God.

Breaking News from Rwanda

By affirming the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) as an Anglican Province, and by holding true to Anglican order, the Synod is calling for the legal transfer of PEARUSA to the ACNA under Archbishop Foley Beach by June 2016. This call includes the PEARUSA Networks becoming ACNA Dioceses.

At the same time, Archbishop Rwaje and Presiding Bishop Steve Breedlove have announced that PEARUSA will now transition into Rwanda Ministry Partners, a ministry association within the ACNA.

“Though we release you legally,” Archbishop Rwaje said, “We are bound relationally in Jesus Christ. We will continue serving together as we always have with ever increasing strength.”

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