Ben Sharpe


About Fr. Ben
The Rev Dr. Ben Sharpe has been a follower of Jesus since 1978, serving in pastoral ministry since 1987. He received his undergraduate degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, his Master of Divinity from the Divinity School at Duke University, and his Doctor of Ministry degree from Nashotah House.

The Bible is the foundation for Ben’s personal faith and public ministry. He loves church history and the teaching of the Early Church Fathers, both of which are building blocks for his teaching and preaching. Ben has a passion for implementing life-long catechesis (systematic discipleship training). He is also deeply involved in forming a new generation of ordained Anglican leaders via the Simeon Fellowship program of Christ Church.

Ben and Lisa are the proud parents of three beautiful adult daughters and have three grandchildren. Ben is an avid backpacker and hiker, and in keeping with the great tradition of the Reformation (e.g. Katie Luther), Ben also brews his own beer.

Above all things Ben loves the Lord Jesus Christ and desires to glorify him in all things.

Chris Borah

Assistant Rector

What is your role at Christ Church?
I am a father, a priest, and an under-shepherd under the Lordship of Jesus and leadership of Fr Ben. My role is to hold fast to Jesus, proclaim the excellencies of Jesus, and be faithful to the Scriptures… and lead others to do the same. I serve the church in the areas of communications, preaching, life groups, and other miscellanies.

I’ve been married to Jodee since June 2006, and we have 3 (ever growing & ever beautiful) rugrats. We enjoy playing soccer, being loud, chess, and Super Mario, all while balancing the joy and insanity of marriage and parenting.

What are your other interests/hobbies?
My primary hobby these days is teaching my children, re-reading C.S. Lewis, reading (authors other than ‘ole Jack), getting beat by my son in chess, playing guitar, and watching The Office with my bride.

What is your education/work background?
I have a B.S. in Computer Information Systems, and a Master of Divinity from SBTS. My past professional experience is in advertising and web design, and recently I served as an associate pastor in South Texas.

Ann Orgeron


What is your role at Christ Church?
I assist Fr. Ben in whatever he needs me for. I also do my best to respond to my calling to ‘be there’ for parishioners who have a need, and to reach out to the community living out Jesus’ Love in me.

I was widowed summer of ’15. I have 3 wonderful grown children, and 3 wonderful grown step children, and 12 grandchildren. I am caregiver for my 94 year old mother.

What are your other interests/hobbies?
I love to walk, travel, garden, and sew.

What is your education/work background?
I attended college at East Texas State University; was graduated from Trinity Seminary in Ambridge, PA, through extension courses, in divinity, through the Diocese of the Rio Grande. I was ordained a permanent Deacon in 2006 at St. John’s Cathedral, Albuquerque, NM.

David George

Assisting Priest

About Fr. David
I was raised in a conservative holiness Christian home. I came to know and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as an adolescent. I was confirmed and my wife was reaffirmed in the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida. Both my wife and I had glorious re-awakenings of our faith as a result of attending Cursillo in the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida. I was ordained to the Diaconate in The Episcopal Church 1991; I was received into and ordained as Priest in the Charismatic Episcopal Church in 2005. I transferred into ACNA in Oct. 2016 and was received as priest in Diocese of Christ Our Hope Dec. 2016.

I currently participate in public worship on a regular basis. Regular worship with fellow Christians is a necessary time of refreshment and reinfusion of the Holy Spirit. Times of praise in prayer and song are very meaningful. I look forward to the spoken word from the Lord via preaching. Most importantly is the Holy Eucharist. To me it is a necessary meal of spiritual nourishment, healing and encouragement. Jesus; presence in the bread and wine is a very real event for me. If I don’t have the Eucharist I become malnourished and weak.

My calling is well represented by the song Here I Am Lord (The Servant Song) and the Prayer of Self Dedication found on p 832 of the BCP. I have the gift of compassion and empathy; especially for the elderly. I have strong administrative and organizational abilities.

Sara and I have been married 42 years; have two adult children and four grandsons. We are care givers for my parents (87 and 89 years old). We also have custody of our 16 year old grandson. My hobbies include wood working, vegetable gardening and reading. We currently conduct weekly Holy Eucharist for shut in ladies.

My professional career includes having worked as a professional in Human Resources. My strongest assets there were serving as the Employee Relations Manager (non-union). While serving at Prison Fellowship Ministries, I recruited, trained and coordinated hundreds of Christian volunteers to minister to prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families. My leadership within the church has gone from Vestry Senior Warden, Parish Administrator, Deacon in Charge of a mission congregation to Priest. Some of the most significant leaders in my life have been Charles Colson and Rt. Rev. Herbert Edmondson.


Lisa Breeding

Church Administator

Ann Borah

Director of Children’s Ministry

Coburn Dagenhart

Simeon Fellow